drama queens project

The Drama Queens Project was founded in 2007. We began in the pedagogic faculty at Charles University and have since expanded into a professional organisation that has performed 12 English plays in great spaces like divadlo La Fabrika and divadlo Semafor. The Project is for non-native speakers to improve English through dynamic theatre. Our mission is to give individuals the belief that their voice matters, and to inspire more to experience drama.



The basic premise of the Drama Queens Project is that in each of us lies a talent, a confidence and a desire to speak well. Of course our basic intention is to radically improve your English but, through drama-based activities, we strive to make your learning joyful, productive and inspiring…

Whatever your academic, personal or professional need, the Drama Queens Project will help shake off your inhibitions. Our delight in the English language coupled with a generosity of spirit will teach you to speak with a greater command and ease in life.